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Paypal Donations

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Paypal Donations are now open.

Donations will be used towards:
Copic Multiliners which I used to draw my animations and artwork. While they seem expensive, their quality is worth the price. Fortunately, they last a decent amount of time. Given that I use them to draw nearly every day, they usually last about 6 - 7 months.

Data Storage that I use to ensure that unfinished projects will be protected in case of unexpected computer failure. The file sizes of animation cels quickly fill up space and I do like to keep the original files in tact in case I ever need to use a specific drawing again. I'd also like to save up for a hard drive device that is more advanced and technologically stable.

Any left-over donations will be saved for future purchase of supplies.

Why make a donation?
Over the past 7 years I have been happy to bring free entertainment to people all over the world. As much as I enjoy drawing and animating, it is still very time consuming and hard work that I've dedicated literally thousands of hours towards doing. The donations aren't "payment", nor will I hold videos "ransom" or anything of the sort. While I do currently have a steady job, I believe that it's not unreasonable of me to host this service to whomever may want to contribute to it. The donations will be used and saved specifically for artwork use.

Point Donations:
I will also host Point Donations to use for Fan-Club support, contests and personal use.

Other services:
Commissions; I will draw personalized artwork for a total sum.
Merchandise; T-shirts and collectables with customized artwork.

Donations are completely optional but very appreciated.
If you are under 18 and wish to donate, please get parental/guardian permission first.
Comments that attempt to slander or falsify my lifestyle will be removed immediately.

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